Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The Last Olympiad


John G said...

By John Goodwin
Published by Raider International and available now from all major on line book stores

Even before the British Olympic Committee won the right to stage the 2012 games they confidently displayed a ‘Countdown to London’ banner on their website. Little did they know that it was also a simultaneous countdown to events that could make London 2012:

‘The Last Olympiad.’

When Gavinder, a disaffected British born Moslem helped install an explosive device in the concrete undercroft of London’s new Olympic Stadium he thought it was set to destroy the structure and cause the cancellation of the games. But other forces are at work and the consequences are far more than his conscience can reconcile.

How did the son of a peace loving, law abiding family find himself involved in terrorism? A remarkable athlete wasted when unwitting prejudice left him rejected and disillusioned. The well intentioned attempts to turn him from the street-crime he was slipping into dropped him into the clutches of those who would capitalize on his troubled mental state for their own purposes.

Menaced by Shakir, a murderous munitions expert, he is torn between revenge, his innate humanity and his duty to the Jihad. He is involved in love, hate, murder, rape and retribution. Can he keep his faith? If he tells the authorities will they believe him? Can he recover the computerized key that is the only way of disarming the device? Aided in London by a young Islamic student and complicated by a team of mercenaries with dubious loyalties, his adventures take him across Europe, into North Africa and back to London in time for the doomed opening ceremony. Fate, right wing extremists and Anglo-American confusion all play a vital part in the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Hello john, weirdly enough I had a very similar dream, I just looked on google and found your book, the front cover is ironically the same as in my dream, I'm curious to know if it was very similar to mine as I can't stop thinking about this dream, its stuck in my head longer then other dreams and I can remember even the slightest details. Hope to hear from you. Thanks. S.P