Tuesday, 5 April 2011

"THE LAST OLYMPIAD" could it come true.

I don’t want to say I told you so but as I predicted in “The Last Olympiad” it is inevitable that the London Olympic Games will become a target for ruthless fanatical factions that are prepared to sacrifice thousands of inocent lives in order to prove that their ideology is better than any other.

The significance of the incident featured in the news is not necessarily the act itself but the sensitivity of an event that brings together the good and the great from all over the free world, to say nothing of the finest of our youth. The opportunity to hijack an event such as this screened live in order to promote an extremist dogma must be almost irresistible. Imagine the panic that even a small explosion in the packed stadium might engender. It would be a miracle if there were no fatalities.

In my book, Published by Raider International, I offer just one scenario of how the joyous opening ceremony could be turned into a horror show, broadcast live worldwide. I was careful not to publish my scheme until after it was physically impossible to replicate but I did expose some of the ways in which a weapon of mass destruction may easily enter the UK. I am sure the devious minds of those with evil intent will be able to find many opportunities to cross the border to the British Isles after all most of it is just a stretch of water, hardly a castle.

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